About Us

Land Cruiser Heaven was founded in 2015, when Frank embarked on a memorable quest to find leather seat cover’s for his 80 series Land Cruiser. Like any great startup company, you find a need and you find a solution. This story is not any different. In the Land Cruiser online community there was void in a reputable leather seat cover vendor.

Through his network of friends and family, Frank found a Colombian leather seat supplier and started offering the leather seat covers to Land Cruiser online community. Before he knew, he had sold over $20k in covers within a months time.

Frank was amazed on the response he received from the community, but he worried on whether the quality of the covers and their fitment would meet expectation. Any mistake would be catastrophic. On a side note, Frank had always day dreamed about shipping his Land Cruiser to Colombia and exploring his beautiful native country.

Having been recently laid off, meant that he had the free time to do so; but it also meant, Frank would have to spend money and take a big risk. In order to put his worries to rest, he would have to ship his truck to the Colombian leather seat factory, so they could get the correct seat templates and he can see first hand the quality and fitment.

Well, Frank took the risk and shipped his truck to Cartagena, Colombia, where he embarked on a 1500km road trip to Bogota. While on this crazy, amazing trip, which he documented with the Land Cruiser community he received many requests for hard to source parts in the US, and well in a matter of no time he had an extensive laundry list of parts he needed to source, and this is how Land Cruiser Heaven was born.

Frank soon returned to the US workforce, working full time as an IT Manager and part time as a small business owner.


From August 2015 to December 2016

Frank worked part time out of this garage, sourcing parts in Colombia and shipping worldwide.

In January 2017

He opened Land Cruiser Heaven Maryland. A 2,400 square foot Land Cruiser repair facility housing 2 vehicle lifts and various auto repair tools located in Hagerstown Maryland. He had 2 techs on staff.

In October 2017

Frank needed to make a big decision, his business continued to grow and it needed more and more of his time, so he made the hardest decision anyone with a great salary and stability would want to make. He left corporate America to make Land Cruiser Heaven his full time priority.

In January 2019

He opened Land Cruiser Heaven Colombia. A 4,000 square foot restoration facility located in the a Cartagena Colombia free trade zone. This facility was designed to work on all of Land Cruiser Heaven US based full restorations and being at an international port serve as its international shipping fulfillment center. Currently, this location has 10 employees and is servicing 5 full frame of restorations at a given time.

In September 2019

he expanded the US operation with a bigger facility located in Hagerstown, Maryland. Previously a Buick Dealership in the 70's, this 35,000 square foot facility consisting of a 2,000 square foot showroom, 12,000 square foot auto repair facility, 8,000 square foot of storage, 4,000 square foot of office space and a 40 car private parking lot has catapulted Land Cruiser Heaven to a completely different level.

In 2021

Land Cruiser Heaven continues to grow, 2021 was a big year. With the announcement of going Global, Land Cruiser Heaven expands its footprint to the United Arab Emirates. This pivotal move allowed Land Cruiser Heaven to expand its product base by offering more hard to source parts to its customers. Land Cruiser Heaven UAE starts construction of a 6000 sqft facility to fulfill all of our export needs including custom built and restored Land Cruisers.

In 2022

With the continued expansion of Land Cruiser Heaven, we welcome a new branch, this one in Sunny South Florida. Located in Miami FL, Land Cruiser Heaven SE will serve all of our south east customers. This full service shop will offer all of the services Land Cruiser Heaven is known for. From normal maintenance to Diesel conversions, our experienced staff will be able to meet your needs and expectations.

If you love your Land Cruiser as much as we do, put it in the hands of the experts and we will make sure your Land Cruiser gets the labor of love it deserves!