Land Cruiser Restoration

Give your Land Cruiser a complete full Toyota Land Cruiser  Restoration, just like it rolled off the factory assembly line.

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Our Land Cruiser Restoration


  • Using only excellent quality parts, techniques and processes, a Land Cruiser Heaven nut and bolt, body off restoration is the best solution in giving your Land Cruiser a new life.

Pick up and inspection

Vehicle is picked up and delivered to our facilities in Maryland, where it will undergo a complete pre-restoration inspection and photo documentation. During this phase, we provide you our findings and discuss the next steps based on your needs. Once the project is approved, we start working on parts procurement, logistics, and timelines.


Once the vehicle arrives at our restoration facility, we will commence the disassembly. During this phase, everything is cataloged and documented. Extensive pictures are taken during each phase and uploaded to a gallery where you can see the progress, This step also allows us to see in-depth the overall condition of the vehicle and if we need to make any adjustments to the project.

Body Panel Replacement and Fitting

The key to a full restoration is doing things right the first time. At Land Cruiser Heaven, we do just that. We replace all the body panels from the original truck and construct a new, steel body from the ground up. This will give peace of mind for many years to come. All panels are protected individually and seam sealed to prevent any rust from building.. We use high quality marine grade epoxy primers and rust inhibitors on all our panel protection.

Initial Assembly

After the body is constructed, we assemble to complete vehicle to check for better than factory fitment. Our fitment standards are key to a correctly built body. During this time, we will make any adjustments necessary until its up to our standards.

After fitment is checked, we then proceed to prepare all panels for paint. We disassemble the body and each panel is then sanded, primed and prepared for paint. The secret for an excellent paint finish is in the preparation.



Each panel is then painted individually in our hermetically sealed down draft paint booth. This is key in minimizing any form of contamination in our paint process and the result is seen in our finished product. We use only high quality paints for all of our finishes.

Final assembly

This is the culmination of all the hard work and preparation we have done up until now. During this phase, is where a true restorer shines. The key is in the small details. Your restored truck will now start taking a life of its own.

Once everything is assembled, the vehicle will undergo a month long quality control and inspection, where everything will be gone through to make sure it meets our customers high quality standards.


Final Delivery

Once all our quality checks pass. The vehicle will then be delivery to its customer for them to enjoy. The full Land Cruiser restoration process takes around 12-18 months to complete.

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Land Cruiser Restoration

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