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Let Land Cruiser Heaven revive your Land Cruiser with a new outlook on life offering a complete body on Resurrection.

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Our Resurrection


  • Vehicle is picked up or delivered to our location.
  • A complete 100 point inspection is performed to get an in-depth idea of current vehicle condition.
  • The Resurrection process is then divided into 5 phases:

Engine Mechanical

Engine is base lined completely utilizing all Original OEM Toyota Parts. This includes all new seals, gaskets, o-rings, belts, vacuum hoses, filters, tensioners, idler pulley, ignition cables, spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor. The and induction and injection systems are serviced thoroughly. Engine oil will be replaced with Synthetic oil.

The cooling system also gets base lined with new heater rubber hoses, heater valve, new fan clutch, thermostat, and water pump, along with a complete coolant flush. Coolant system is then filled with Toyota Red Antifreeze/Coolant.

The power steering system will get a new power steering pump, and new low pressure hoses. A full power steering system oil flush is also performed.

The inspection report will dictate current state of the engine and what needs to be tackled. Based on the compression tests will dictate if engine will require more work.


Drive train / Suspension / Brakes / Steering

Drive train

Complete front knuckle rebuilt with new seals, gaskets, bearings and grease. Rear hub gets rebuilt with new seals, gaskets, and bearings. Axles/transfer case/automatic transmission are drained of old oil, flushed and new synthetic oil is used.


Brake system is serviced with new rotors, pads, calipers all around. Rear drums are rebuilt with new hardware and shoes as well as parking brake adjusted. A complete brake flush and bleeding is then performed and new synthetic brake fluid is added.


Old suspension is removed and a complete new Dobinson suspension is installed.
Based on the customers needs a stock height or an upgraded lift suspension is used.
All control arm bushings are replaced.


All steering tie rods are replaced and vehicle is aligned


Undercarriage Protection

Success is in the preparation. Undercarriage is steam cleaned and pressure washed removing all grease, oil, dirt and grime. It is then cleaned by hand and any exposed surface rust will be wire wheeled. Axles are removed from the frame and cleaned individually.

Undercarriage is then treated with a chemical that converts rust back to a metal. 24 hours later, the undercarriage is once again pressure washed and let air dry for 24-48 hours. Undercarriage and axles are then sprayed with 3 coats of POR15. Paint is then allowed to cured for 48 hours before reassembly of the axles onto the frame.



Interior is then completely disassembled to the bare cab. Carpet will get steam cleaned, all panels are cleaned. Any missing or damaged parts will get sourced or replaced. Sound deadening is then added to the floor, doors and roof. Carpet is then reinstalled. All seats are redone with Land Cruiser Heaven leather along with new front cushions. Steering wheel is leather wrapped.

Audio is upgraded with a Double Din Bluetooth CD radio with new all around 6.5″ speakers. A reverse camera is also added.

The interior is refreshed with a complete LED light upgrade.



Vehicle will then undergo a complete paint refresh. Any worn or damaged weatherstripping/lights/etc will be replaced. All windows, moldings, door handles, lights, bumpers, mirrors are removed. Any dings, dents or rust is repaired. Vehicle is then prepped and painted the same original color. All emblems are replaced.

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